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I would like to offer a very warm welcome to our website that aims to be a one stop shop for all our schools and their leaders.  In these rapidly changing times we thought it would be really helpful to put all that you might need in this one place.  You should find everything we have produced in the recent past for quick reference and the up-to-date latest items.

Education has always been a central priority for Methodism because of its ability to draw out and develop an individual’s gifts and contribute to the transformation of people and society.  MAST continues to support all schools in the state sector that reference Methodism in their trust deed, either as solely Methodist or shared, ecumenical schools. We work together to ensure that every child and young person can achieve their best.  MAST fulfils the responsibilities of the Methodist Council under S.O.342 with regard to the schools’ standards and distinctive Methodist ethos. Grants from Southlands Methodist Trust and Westminster College Oxford Trust have helped to finance a staffing infrastructure so that schools can be well supported within a group context. MAST works closely with the Church of England in the development and implementation of SIAMS.

We hope that you find what you want but please let us know if there is anything else you would like to be able to access.

Steve Colledge
Chair MAST